Ryan is a 3D generalist and compositor with 16 years of experience in the industry. He also supervises on-set, bids projects, and manages teams. 

In 2016, he founded JovianFX, an animation and VFX company.

Ryan received his MFA in Animation from the School of Visual Arts in 2003. He worked at Curious Pictures where he joined the CG team for Disney's Little Einsteins series. Since then, he's worked at Click 3x, Stardust, and, most recently as CG Supervisor at Buck's NY office. At Buck, he was fortunate enough to lead a team of talented artists, and work on award-winning projects for widely recognized clients such as Coke, AT&T, Expedia, Nabisco, Betty Crocker, and Sherwin Williams.

Maya  •  Nuke  •  Mudbox  •  Adobe CC  •  V-Ray  •  RedShift  •  Python/MEL