Grimbergen beer wanted to emphasize its rich history with this stylized story of the phoenix. Most sets were projected onto geometry in Nuke, and effects and animation were added. I contributed to previs, modeling, compositing, Nuke setup, rigging, the castle dynamics, and the live action shoot.


+ Credits

Directed by Buck
Creative Director: Orion Tait
Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
Senior Producer: Melissa Johnson
Interactive Producer: Kitty Dillard
Production Coordinator: Billy Mack
Technical Director/CG Lead: Ryan O’Phelan
Lead Design: Thomas Schmid
Design: Josh Harvey, Yker Moreno, Kim Dulaney, Ben Langsfeld, Daniel Oeffinger, George Fuentes, Jacques Khouri
Matte Painting: George Fuentes, Chris Phillips
Storyboards: Tom Connor
Cel Animation: Arthur Metcalf, Anne Calandre, Jacques Khouri
Rotoscoping: Filaments, Jacques Khouri
Animation: Waleed Zaiter, Chris Phillips, Chad Colby, Gareth O’Brien, Ryan Massiah, Jacques Khouri
Pre-Vis: Ryan O’Phelan, Chris Hendryx, Claudio Salas, Jacques Khouri
Animatic: Conrad Ostwald
3D Modeling: Joon Lee, Dave Soto, Ryan O’Phelan, Brice Linane, Claudio Salas, Chris Hendryx
Rigging: Lee Wolland
Texturing: Michael Lampe, Brice Linane, Claudio Salas
3D Animation: Jordan Blit, Ryan O’Phelan, Claudio Salas, Jacques Khouri
Lead Lighting: Michael Lampe
Lighting: Ryan O’Phelan, Brice Linane, Claudio Salas
3D Effects: Allan McKay, Joe Gunn, Chris Hendryx, Ryan O’Phelan
Compositing TD: Conrad Ostwald
Compositing: Daniel Oeffinger, Seth Ricart, Thomas Panayiotou, Chris Phillips, Sohee Sohn, Ryan O’Phelan, Thomas Schmid, Michael Lampe, Jeremiah Morehead
Editor: Conrad Ostwald
Live Action Line Producer: Caroline Findlay
Director of Photography: Tristan Sheridan
Casting: Kipperman Casting
Talent: Sean Biloski
Props: Claire Dennis
Prop Book: Tim Lagasse
Production Assistant: Meghan Wright
Client: Grimbergen
Agency: Sid Lee